1. Arrive at the HS 15 minutes prior to bus departure. Buses will leave on time and will not wait for anyone running late.
  2. If you are running late, please call one of the coaches.
  3. 10 minutes after being dropped off from the bus, swimmers should be dressed and ready to enter the water. This includes suit, cap, goggles, water bottles and training equipment.
  4. Swimmers should listen carefully to instructions and try to follow the practice outlined by the coaching staff. Practices are designed to condition each athlete to prepare them for competition.
  5. Absolutely NO horseplay in any area of the practice facility. This includes locker rooms, pool, restrooms, showers, lobby etc.
  6. Restroom breaks will be given at times during the practice. This will be between sets.
  7. In order to be eligible to letter you must attend 85% of the offered practices. Attendance is taken daily. This includes time missed due to illness or injury.
  8. Failure to bring assigned training equipment to practices will result in an unexcused absence.
  9. Water bottles are a requirement! They are to be on deck during the entire practice. Water breaks will not be given. We have a very short practice window to cover everything needed to prepare your athlete for championships.
  10. Use appropriate language at ALL times.
  11. Treat teammates, coaches, and facility patrons with curtesy and respect.
  12. Communicate with the coaches! If athletes are having a “bad” day, not feeling well, or any other issues communicate them to your coach ASAP. This communication is very important part of practices. The more the coaching staff is informed the better we can adjust practices to get the most out of the athletes.
  13. If the coach is talking, the swimmers are listening.
  14. Cell Phones: They are to be left in the bags during practice. Not on deck with towels. Bring a lock for the locker room or keep your bag on deck. Make sure parents have the coaches cell phone numbers. Coaches may not always answer right away but their phones will be on during this time.

If there is an urgent need to have the cell phones nearby during practice time please communicate with the coaches before hand.


  • Report all injuries to the coach immediately. Since we practice at an off site facility it is imperative that any injury be communicated to the coaches as soon as possible.
  • Follow the orders of the trainer and/or physician. A copy of doctors instructions must be given to the coach.
  • Treatment for existing injuries must be done before or after practice unless you have received prior approval.
  • Any injury causing you to miss practices/meets must be cleared by the doctor before returning to activities. This must be done in writing.

Attendance & Participation

Attendance at practices, conditioning, meets, fundraising events and any other team function is MANDATORY unless otherwise stated. Even though you swim individual events with a few relays this is a TEAM sport. In the event you are unable to attend any function, your parent must contact the coach as soon as possible. Learn to manage your time and make a commitment to swimming.

Leaving practice early is not an option. Since we practice at an offsite facility, as a team we take the bus to and from practice. Please plan appointments and such around practice times.

You will be prohibited from participating in a practice or meet for any of the occasions below:

  • Leaving school early for something other than a medical/dental appointment.
  • If you check out of school early for a medical appointment and you do not have a doctor’s note clearing you for participation.
  • Any student assigned in school suspensions.
  • Any students on suspension.


Please be on time to every team function. It is inconsiderate to teammates, coaches, and families to be late and it will not be tolerated. Be responsible to your team and yourself.

Excused Absences

If you must miss a practice please contact the coach via phone, email or text at least 24 hours in advance or prior to practice time or bus departure. The following are considered excused absences:

  • School related events that could NOT be scheduled otherwise. This would include make up tests, student/teacher meetings, etc. Please notify the coach prior to these events.
  • If you are out sick, you must have a note from a doctor/parent at the next practice.
  • Family emergencies must have a note from a parent.

Un-excused absences

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any excused absence not communicated to the coach.
  • Participation in any other school events that do NOT require your attendance.
  • Missing the bus to the practice facility.
  • Giving someone who does have an excused absence a ride home.
  • Not knowing when practice is scheduled. All schedules will be posted online. Any changes will be listed online as well as communicated via email unless there is an emergency and it will then be done by phone or text.
  • Working part time. Coaches understand the need for some families to have athletes work a part time job after school hours. Please work with your supervisor to re-arrange your work schedule. Please submit a work schedule in calendar form signed by a parent such that an agreement can be reached.
  • Any family event not scheduled prior to the start of the season and communicated by the coach.
  • Social events of any kind.
  • If an unusual situation comes up the coaches reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis what is excused or unexcused.


  1. Everyone MUST ride the bus to AND from every meet. No exceptions.
  2. Uniforms MUST be worn. This includes team suit, team cap, team t-shirt, and team warmups top/bottom.
  3. Swimmers are expected to stay the entire meet dressed in their team suit unless given permission from a coach. Last minute changes happen frequently and it is important to be prepared.
  4. It is a good show of sportsmanship to support your teammates even if you are injured or not participating in a particular meet for any reason. A teammate cheering you on can mean the difference between a good swim and a great swim!
  5. Swimmers are expected to swim the events they are entered. In case of relays, in the order they are entered. Coaches spend a large amount of time preparing a lineup to take advantage of the teams strengths. Any violation of this policy could result in a swimmer becoming ineligible to letter or to remain a member of the team.
  6. Relays are determined by the coaches. During the season relays may change frequently in order to determine the best mix of swimmers. Sectional relays and beyond will be determined by times obtained by individual swimmers during the season while also taking into account work ethic and attendance.


Team uniforms consist of the following:

  • team suit
  • team cap
  • warmups
  • team t-shirt

Team warmups will be assigned and once distributed will become the responsibility of the athlete.

Warmups are to be kept clean and in good repair. Please wash the warmups after every meet. If a warmup becomes damaged, lost or unusable please notify the coaches immediately.

Full uniforms are required at ALL meets. We represent Waynesville High School and we should be proud to show our colors.

Drugs & Alcohol

There is a zero tolerance rule with regards to all forms of alcohol, drugs, and smoking. The penalties are outline in the WLS code of conduct.