Spartan Swimming Mission To provide an environment for student-athletes and coaches that focuses on respect for the sport and fellow swimmers, developing a foundation for life long fitness with a strong work ethic, individual accountability and integrity, and creating a future productive member of the community.

Spartan Swimming Core Values

  • Sportsmanship: be well mannered competitors regardless of who wins or losses, conduct ourselves as befitting participants in sports with a striving spirit, courtesy and dignity under pressure and in the face of adversity.
  • Balance: commitment to the swimming program while maintaining focus on family, academics, and community involvement.
  • Teamwork: work together to push your bodies to the limits by supporting your teammates at all times
  • Ownership: hold ourselves and each other accountable for our words, spoken or texted, our actions, and our practice ethics.
  • Community: take pride by becoming a responsible, active member of the community.
  • Humility: participation in a high school sport is a privilege not a right, be thankful for the opportunity
  • Integrity: be true to yourself, strive to win by working harder than your competition.
  • Respect: respect your teammates, your coach, your family and the community as it takes everyone to bring out the best in you.