1. Who determines who letters? Waynesville HS Swimming sets up all lettering requirements. At the end of the season the coaches will sit down and look at attendance and meet requirement spreadsheets. Once these have been verified the coaches will discuss the other items listed in the lettering requirements.

2. If I am a freshman or a sophomore can I receive a letter?

Yes - If you have met all the requirements for lettering.

3. How many events can I swim?

Each swimmer can swim a maximum of 4 events with a maximum of 2 individual events. This holds true for all meets except the Classic. This is a special invitational and that will be discussed as that meets entries come due. A coach may choose to enter a swimmer in only one individual event and 3 relays. Some meets have limitations as to the number of swimmers per event per team. This will also alter what a swimmer may swim.

4. All I want to swim is the 50 free....

A lot of swimmers prefer to swim this one event and at the beginning of the season it may be the only event a swimmer is ready to swim. As coaches we strive to teach everyone each of the 4 strokes and to develop the ability to perform these strokes in a meet.

5. How are the relay swimmers determined?

The coaches will determine the relay lineups for each meet. During the regular season the coaches will be moving swimmers around and trying different lineups. Some swimmers swim well on relays while others may not. As we near the championship meets towards the end of the season AND for the Classic meet in January, coaches will select the fastest relay from the team keeping in mind how swimmers have competed previously on relays during the season. Coaches take splits for each swim of a relay. This helps to determine the best relay team for the championship meets to score points or to advance to the next level in the tournament.

6. How do I advance to the next meet during the tournament?

There are 3 levels in the State Tournament. The first being Sectionals. The top 2 swimmers at each sectional automatically qualify for the District meet. Also qualifying are the next 20 fastest swimmers from all Sectionals for a total of 24. Boys, top 2 qualify from each sectional and the next 16 at large.

7. I hardly see Club swimmers at practice - why?

These swimmers already swim year round for many local USA and YMCA clubs in the area. They practice 2-3 hours a night 5-7 days a week all year except for perhaps 2 weeks a year in August.

Some of these swimmers qualify for State and national meets and have goals to obtain Olympic trial cuts not to mention college scholarships. Waynesville HS Swim Team has a limited amount of pool time and number of lanes. These “club” swimmers are fast and would take up much needed lane space for those who only swim high school and need the extra attention of the HS coaches. They would “run” over most of the HS only swimmers. Waynesville HS swimming would make it impossible for these swimmers to participate in HS swimming if they were required to practice solely with the HS team. The coaches will work with these swimmers to make sure they attend at least one practice a week if possible in order to foster the team atmosphere.

These swimmers will also be held accountable for participating in all meets once they have declared as well as ALL team functions.