To maintain an “open door” atmosphere, all student-athlete concerns/issues should be brought directly to the coaching staff.

  • Any issues and/or concerns stemming from the entire team will be handled by the coaching staff through a coordinated team meeting.
  • Any issues between teammates should first be addressed between those teammates. If a resolution can not be found, “all interested parties” should report to the coaching staff.
  • Parents who would like to discuss swimming related issues/concerns with the coaching staff must abide by the following:
    • Call or email the coach to schedule an appointment
    • DO NOT attempt to speak to a coach during practice or meets. Confrontations during these times do not prove fruitful as emotions usually run high. The coaching staff strives to keep all lines of communication open provided requests are done with respect to both the coach and the student-athlete.

There may be times during the season when things do not go as the parent or the athlete wish. Discussion with a coach is strongly encouraged. Communication should always start with the athlete and coach. If there is no resolution, the communication will then include the parent. If the issue is still not resolved, the coach will contact the athletic director.